Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reawaken my soul

This is something I wrote a while back and it seems fit to re-read it today. Its inspiring me to work harder and to live a more balanced healthy life.

April 12, 2005

The depths of hell are as deep as your own shallowness….. You create your own existence within the greater manifestation of the universal soul. You illuminate the illusion with your foolish notions and with your vulnerability to get caught up in your daily living. So enraptured with striving for economic and overall security – we lose sight of path of enlightenment. We savagely indulge into life’s little pleasures trying to seek escape from our own emptiness and to soothe our sorrows – in an excuse trying to make the most of this day.

Is it only in times of trajedy – times of deep isolation do we truly bond with our higher power, is it only during times of desperation do we bond with our own self?

When we struggle, face great adversaries – when our body, mind and soul are tested – we turn for inspiration to the greater soul, and find these untapped energy resources from deep within. We take deeper breathes – and try to find solace in simple things like a nights sky – or a simple memory.

Where is my passion now? I have a home. A woman to love me. Food to eat. Freedom to travel about. Enough money to get where I wanna go. Friends to comfort me. And a heart and soul left to be neglected by me.

I remember trying to understand that my soul and I are one – and my physical body just temple to my light. Just a vehicle to my soul.

Knowledge of self is being lost……………….

Awaken that fire again – that made me fierce – but in a time of peace. Come to life my spirit when all is well and help me strive while the waves are calm. Let me be my own master when I do not have to fight against being enslaved. I am my own destiny, my own king, and ruler – and as my own leader I will lead me to where I need to be.

Peace to self.


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